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Runescape 2 – Is it The Best MMORPG?

When gamers asked us to look into Runescape2 we didn’t think this would be such a hard task. The popular online game that is Runescape has been around for sometime and has a massive online following among the younger browser gaming crowd, just checkout any school with internet gaming PCs and you’ll find Runescape being played. So you can understand the hype around the so called new release ‘Runescape2′ A quick check on the gaming term and there is slightly under a quarter of a million references to the term – but there just doesn’t seem any concrete info on it.

Is Runescape2 real? Well, there are so-called screenshots, but it seems the makers of the original online game Jagex Games Studio doesn’t have any reference to the new release. There is plenty of forum talk, but the more you look into it – there more it seems like another ‘Half Life TFC 2′ the game that promised so much, but arrived years and years late and by the time it came, technology had advanced and gamers were already on to new projects. Sad, sad stuff!


Runescape (and maybe runescape2) are another of the large scale MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) gaming release, this one in the fantasy mould with a medieval taste to it. At any one time, there are usually 100-200,000 gamers locking into battle the runescape world. An impressive amount of simultaneous gamers in anyones terms. Launched in 1999, runescape has had an impressive history. They started out as a basic offering and had the early launch, naturally getting a jump on some of the newer releases around such as Evony Free Forever, Habbo Hotel, 2moons and Travia online.

But while this free online browser game was launched early and was able to capture plenty of young gamers, they have had to continue to develop their graphics and gameplay to keep up with other competitors. This is where it got hard. Based on a basic engine, from the early days of the internet – the guys behind runescape and namely runscape2 must be commended to have kept developing the old engine, and managing to keep the game sharp and appealing to so many users.

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