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Rift Strategy Guide

A Rift Strategy Guide helps you level up quickly and also saves you from wasting a lot of time. Like most mmorpg games, a good guide is almost a must. I mean you are paying a monthly fee to play the game so it certainly makes sense to get the most out of it. As you level up, the games become more fun and entertaining.


The Rift mmorpg game is no exception. But I’ll try to give you a few strategies to help you. Kind of a free online rift strategy guide, so to speak. But check out the guide I have listed here as well. First of all, the actual process of leveling in Rift is not that hard. The game moves along at a rather quick pace if you keep jumping from quest hub to quest hub all the way until you reach the level cap of 50! Well that was easy, not as easy as getting your free webkinz codes halleluja! Instead of wasting all your time wandering all over who knows where, spend your time questing and leveling.

When you first start playing Rift

if you start questing right away you will earn a nice amount of experience points. What’s nice is you can do this solo in the beginning. All of the quests are right there on your map and marked for you. Each questing camp gives you a chain of quests that eventually are going to allow you to move onto the next area.


It gets tricky here though, as when you accept a quest, more open up. That’s where a good Rift Strategy Guide helps, as it shows you the exact path to take throughout the game. Now some of the quests are part of a group and completing them in the wrong order affects the speed in which you progress. But don’t get bent out of shape. You’ll work through it in time. 🙂

Beyond Quests

Moving on beyond questing, Rifts and Invasions are some of the best ways to get experience in the game, as well as getting some pretty amazing loot rewards and some faction points. But accept the good with the bad. These are a gamble and there are times you will get hardly anything from them. Hey, if it was easy the game would lose it’s challenge.


The key to success in Rifts and Invasions is speed because you’re only going to get lots of experience points by completing the entire Invasion or level. I highly recommend you align with a group of friends so you can do this quickly and grab those points.

Doing Rifts

As far as doing the Rifts, I would hold off on doing them solo right now and instead seek out Rifts that are slightly above your level that you can do in a group. Don’t bother wasting time on rare’s and epics until you are at level 50.


Find a good party for dungeon runs because this is an outstanding way of getting XP as well as reputation. But if you can’t find the people who are willing to commit the time for this, you are not going to earn XP.


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